Formosa Marine Australia Pty Ltd manufactured boats are warranted to the original purchaser to be free of defects in material and workmanship from the date of purchase, (subject to the Formosa limited warranty special provisions) for the following periods;

  • 4 year (48 calendar months) Hull Structure*
  • 1 year (12 calendar months) for all other Formosa Marine factory-fitted parts and accessories including cabins, launchers, tops, fittings and optional extras.

*4 Year warranty applies to 2018 hull build and onwards.

Formosa Marine reserves the right to modify design, material, specifications, equipment and/or accessories without notice.

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

This website and all downloadable files have been designed as a guide. All specifications, features and optional extras listed are updated as soon as possible but are subject to change without notification. Some Formosa boat models pictured may contain optional extras. For further information, including warranty details, please contact your nearest authorized Formosa Marine dealer.

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+ Formosa Marine limited warranty special provisions require and or state that:

  1. The boat must, at all times be used and maintained in accordance with the boat care instructions (as listed below) and the conditions on the attached Australian builder’s plate.
  2. The boat must not be modified, altered or operated outside the original design specifications.
  3. The boat has not been damaged by accident, misuse or negligence, nor damage caused by trailers, or used for competitive or commercial purposes.
  4. The timber and carpet floor is limited to installation and for 12 months and does not cover the effects of weathering or wear and tear.
  5. The normal effect of oxidation of aluminium has the potential to bubble paint surface finish. Surface contaminates could cause oxidation if not removed from the vessel.
  6. The paint warranty is limited for 12 months for defective paint or poor application. Wear and tear, or damage due to solvents, fuel, acid, electrolysis, oxidation or due to the fitting of non-factory fitted fixtures are not covered.
  7. The adhesion of stickers, (including Formosa fitted graphics) or any adhesive-backed product may cause paint damage when removed. Any damage caused to the painted surface by these products is not covered under warranty.
  8. Formosa Marine will not be liable for consequential loss of any kind arising out of the supply, operation or use of the boat.
  9. Any work agreed to be repaired by Formosa Marine will be done ex-factory (or by an agreed repairer at Formosa Marine’s discretion) on behalf of Formosa Marine. All consequential costs related to a warranty repair will be at the owner’s expense. This can include, but is not limited to freighting costs to and from the place of repair, insurance costs while in transit & under repair, costs related to the repainting of any warranty work, removal / refitting of engines & accessories (if required) and removal / disposal of fuel (if required) (Formosa Marine reserve the right to refuse to perform warranty work if the required removal of fuel has not occurred).
  10. This warranty is in lieu of all and any written warranties expressed or implied, conferred by statute or otherwise and is intended to cover all warranties given by Formosa Marine on the boat or part thereof. Any warranties under the Sale of Goods Act are expressly excluded.
  11. Warranty excludes windscreen/windshield breakage and leakage around windscreens/windshields, hatches or other designed openings.
  12. Formosa provides a general warranty as to the fitness for the purpose for the period of 12 months from the new boat date of purchase with regard to upholstery, including lounges, backrests and seats.
  13. Formosa Marine do not supply or fit any of the following products to your boat and therefore take no liability for (a) any damage or warranty claims to these products or (b) damage they cause to the hull and its factory fitted fixtures. Warranty Claims relating to these products or damage they cause must be taken up directly with the place of purchase (the dealer). These products include but are not limited to;
    – Boat Motor, Batteries and Trailer,
    – Plastic Clears, Biminis and their related fittings and
    – all electrical/electronic products with exception to navigation lights, anchor and bilge.
    – Electric trolling motors must be fitted with a fixed support stabiliser when travelling on the road or at sea (fatigue cracking will not be covered under warranty)
  14. Formosa Tow-Catch™  Trailer Warranty Conditions
    • 4 Year Trailer Frame Structural Warranty
      This is normally 2 years, however, the Formosa Tow-Catch™ Trailer now matches the Formosa 4 Year Hull Warranty.
    • All trailer warranties must be directed to the manufacturer Mayfair Marine and will be subject to their terms and conditions. Please direct any warranty claims to (07) 3277 7322 or email: info@mayfairmarine.com.au
    • 4 Year Structural Warranty does not cover white rust, commercial or Off-Road use and is only applicable to the original purchaser.
    • For Off-Road Warranty on heavy-duty upgrades, please talk to Mayfair Marine direct.
    • Bolt-on components have a limited standard warranty.
    • Plug ends, bearings and brake pads are not covered by warranty.

Please ensure that the product has been fitted in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and Formosa Marine’s care instructions.

  1. All warranties and conditions implied under the Trade Practices Act, including as to one of merchantable quality, are not excluded by this warranty except that Formosa Marine limits its liability for a breach to:
    • The replacement of the boat or products; or
    • The repair of the boat or products, at Formosa Marine’s option with all freighting costs to be the purchaser’s responsibility.

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Soiling or foreign matters left on your paint surface including but not limited to saltwater, dirt, bird droppings, bait etc. may cause corrosion, decolourisation and stains. You should clean this off as soon as possible. Never use any acids or alkalis on the boat.

The normal effect of oxidation of aluminium has the potential to bubble the paint surface. Aluminium reacts naturally with the environment and produces a protective coating called oxide. Salt and moisture are very common causes of oxidation on boats and can cause the paint to bubble and flake off if the paint seal is broken or if salt and moisture is left on the surface for a prolonged period. Surface contaminates could cause oxidation if not removed from vessel. As the boat owner you can slow this process through proper maintenance.


* Ensure the bungs are removed and increase the height of the jockey wheel (leave boat permanently tilted) on the trailer to allow residue moisture to drain out

  • After each use always hose down the boat with fresh water to remove dust and salt. Next using ample fresh water and a sponge, thoroughly wash all areas of the boat paying particular attention to painted surfaces and crevices around any boat fittings to the hull surface.
  • After washing, THOROUGHLY DRY the boat with a chamois paying particular attention to any crevice where dust and salt may be likely to remain. Ensure the boat is thoroughly dry before stowing and if possible should be left outside for 1 – 3 days to ensure all moisture in the boat and carpet is dry. Particular attention should be paid around rod holders, upholstery and any fixture that has not been welded directly to the boat. Any removable hatches in flooring should be lifted open to improve drying process and reduce underfloor humidity build up.
  • When the boat is not in use ensure that the battery is disconnected or switched off at the isolator switch.
  • If boat is stored outside with no over roof cover, ensure fuel cap lid is tight and lift floors and hatches up periodically to dry.
  • The Boat should only be polished if the paintwork has become stained or required to remove a foreign matter. Polishing does remove some of the paints thickness.
  • Formosa Marine do not recommend that any aluminium boat be moored for any extensive period of time. Boats should be removed from the water when not in use and stored in a dry location.


  • Wipe and wash away with fresh water any fuel spillages on paint work immediately — particularly around breather outlets.
  • Under floor floatation should where possible be inspected annually for signs of loss through disintegration.
  • Fuel tank hose clamps where possible should be inspected annually to ensure they are tight and that there is no sign of fuel leakage.
  • All stainless steel fixtures including screws should be removed and re-coated with a non- corrosive agent (Duralac or Lanolin) annually to minimize paint corrosion. Formosa Marine does NOT recommend the fitting of any stainless steel products not supplied by the manufacturer.
  • Any upholstery mounting fixtures (screws, snap buttons etc.) fitted to painted parts of the boat must be coated with a non-corrosive agent AND fitted with aluminium rivets and nylon washers where possible. Snap buttons particularly are prone to causing paint corrosion so ensure they are riveted with aluminium rivets and separated from the paint with a nylon washer.
  • Before use, check bilge pump, anchor light and navigation lights are in full working order.