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Formosa Marine are focused on building Aluminium plate boats to order. Designed and built in Lytton, Brisbane, the Formosa range of boats are Australia’s best for strength, stability and versatility. The Formosa SRT™ Plate Hull has the same engineered specifications across the range, so you can be assured that Formosa Marine’s plate boat construction, spacious layout and freeboard is in each hull, regardless of the size or model. Working closely with dealers and local Formosa boat owners, Formosa Marine brings the strength and designs you need for Australian conditions. Others can only talk about what makes an aluminium plate boat, Formosa Marine builds them.

Formosa SRT™ Plate Hull

Born from six generations of hull design and with over twenty years of Australian plate boat building, a Formosa Hull sets the benchmark in design, performance, quality workmanship and innovation.

Formosa has packaged the very best designs from their previous brands, SEA-ROD and Tomahawk, and developed one exceptional hull, Formosa SRT™. The result is a hull that is full of functionality, strength, good looks, safety and value; key factors to consider when purchasing your next boat.

The Formosa SRT™ Plate Hull has a soft dry ride and improved handling and performance in all conditions including:

  • Enhanced hydrodynamic lift and superior traction with:

– A new improved deadrise,
– Large reverse chine.

  • A stronger Lock-cell hull and deck structure.
  • 4mm 5083 High Tensile bottom sheets on every boat.
  • ‘Active Transom’ design with flush folding systems.
  • The Quad4™ Water Ballast feature available on all boats.


The boat range has been simplified, from two great hulls, Tomahawk and SEA-ROD, into one great hull design – the Formosa SRT™ Plate Hull.

All Formosa SRT hulls are available with PRO DECK™  – Formosa’s true self-draining decks. This feature is an optional upgrade on boats 495 to 595 and a standard inclusion on boats 635 to 755 (PRO DECK™ standard on 635s from March 2023).

Standard features on the Formosa SRT™ Plate Hull include:

  • Premium Dometic Hydraulic Steering with Genuine Outboard Hoses – Boat performance starts with your ability to confidently control the boat when you need it most. While lighter gauge steering systems using semi-rigid hoses are available, a Genuine Dometic system is designed to give you incredible responsiveness in all conditions.
  • Transom Door – Designed and built inhouse, a Formosa folding Transom door is self-supporting, folds up flush with the transom and can be used as a small casting platform or seat.
  • Aluminium rod holders – For strength, cast aluminium rod holders are fitted to the gunnel of every boat.



Active Transom

Get the most out of your transom with the Formosa SRT™ Plate Hull which uses the Formosa Step Down ‘Active Transom’ design. This innovated design utilises the rear area of your boat that is usually forgotten, the Transom.  A Formosa boat gives you smarter storage solutions, easy on-board battery access, four (4) fantastic ‘Active Transom’ designs to choose from and superior removable flush folding systems with many optional extras to suit such as a removable Bait Board with Bait Tank which can be swapped for a removable Ski Pole.

Flush Folding Systems

Formosa has designed the new hull to incorporate flush folding systems to increase your platform. The transom door and folding lounge can fold down to create more sitting areas or fishing platforms. Fold away flush against the side of the boat when not in use for a clear deck area to move around. The folding lounge is removable.

Quad4™ Water Ballast Option

The innovative Quad4™ Water Ballast with an innovative ‘Off Keel’ counterbalance design that is industry-leading in terms of achieving even greater on water stability. Unlike traditional keel ballasts, the Quad4™ four (4) chamber ballast, combined with a wide beam and reverse chine hull, minimises hull roll from the swell or internal passenger movement. Once you are on your way, the 4 longitudinal stringers empty rapidly, allowing you to get on the plane without any change in performance. This feature is now standard on all models and sizes from March 2023.

Lock-cell Structure

Formosa SRT™ Plate Hull uses extra wide longitudinal stringers which provide market-leading strength along the length of the midship, covering a much wider surface area than the traditional stringer. These unique box chambers ensure hull and deck rigidity and shape integrity.

Stability, traction & performance

Increased Deadrise

The Formosa SRT™ Plate Hull has had an increase to 19 degrees on hull sizes from 525 to 715, increasing ride comfort & traction. The 755 includes a 20 degree deadrise and the 495 has seen a significant increase to 16 degrees.

Reverse Chine

Stability is a discerning factor in a Formosa designed hull and the Formosa SRT™ Plate Hull has a large 170mm wide reverse chine with a negative angled chine extrusion for increased stability, traction & performance.

True Self-draining Decks

A true self-draining deck quickly removes excess water from the floor area to the outside of the boat while in heavy seas, when a wave hits or just washing down the deck at home. You can now upgrade your boat to include the Formosa PRO DECK™ Self-draining Floor on all models 495 to 595. All Formosa hulls 635 and up carry PRO DECK™ as standard (standard on 635s from March 2023). Formosa’s PRO DECK™ is a true self-draining deck that is available in checker plate or carpeted aluminium (can also be finished in a flat-painted aluminium, ready for EVA marine flooring).

Formosa has designed a large drain channel welded in each corner of the transom which drains the water from the deck, through a v-cleat scupper system. It’s what Formosa calls a ‘TRUE’ self-draining deck as the drainage system sits ABOVE the waterline, allowing the water to leave the boat. This is thanks to Formosa’s hull design which allows for a high floor that sits above the chine line or water line. Other ‘draining decks’ on the market are welded below the waterline, and so direct the water into the hull requiring the water to be pumped out of the boat; a scary proposition if the bilge pump is out of action.

For peace of mind, every Formosa hull is foam filled and an underfloor bilge pump is fitted as a standard feature.

Formosa offers more strength

Formosa Marine uses the world’s best Pulse Mig Welding machines to ensure an extremely strong and quality weld, and are proud not to sand back welds for looks, leaving the integrity and strength of the hull visible to customers.

Plate Boat Construction

FORMOSA MARINE builds a plate boat construction with a superior underfloor lock-cell design giving the floor structural reinforcement, ensuring the main traffic areas are solid underfoot and provides greater overall hull strength to handle the rigours of open water boating. Box style side ribs act as support and house wiring and tubing internally to keep your deck clean and free of obstructions. Be assured of a strong hull built to withstand open water conditions and provide many years of trouble free boating.

5083 High Tensile Hull

Formosa builds their boats with 4mm aluminium bottom sheets AND side sheets. With Formosa’s plate boat construction, you get a very strong hull which requires no pressings to strengthen, unlike other boats built with 3mm sheets or less. Due to customer demand, boats 635 and larger have 5mm 5083 bottom sheets for extra strength and durability. The option to upgrade to 5mm bottom sheets is available on other boat sizes.

32mm Hand Rails

Strong 32mm extrusions are fully welded to the gunnels, forward and rear to give you a strong hold on the boat, whether you are on board or at the boat ramp. The rear rail runs over the back of the transom to floor height which give you excellent support while exiting or entering the boat and a safe hold when swimming in the water. These grab rails are built strong for attaching aftermarket accessories, fenders and tying off your boat.