Formosa Marine is leading the way in Australian Plate Boat design and manufacturing.

It has been said that Formosa Marine is the most innovative boat builder in Australia. And it’s true! Formosa Marine has continued to advance their boats, not only to handle the Australian environment, but also to give customers much more. Keeping affordability in mind, Formosa has designed their layouts to achieve the ultimate use of space, with model designs and options that service the needs of a wide market. It’s just not in Formosa’s DNA to stay complacent, hence the new Formosa SRT Plate Hull and new designs for existing models.


Active Transom

Enhance your boating experience with the innovative step-down ‘Active Transom’ which offers the best in transom design and water access on the market. Choose from four (4) Active Transom designs to suit you, whether it’s fishing, casting, diving or simply lounging on the back. Take full advantage of the Australian waters by choosing from either the Full Access, Dual Access, Single Access or Closed Access which includes flush folding doors and seating systems for additional fishing platforms.

Originally a feature only for Formosa’s SEA-ROD range, the Active Transom design has been enhanced for the release of the new Formosa SRT Plate Hull with smarter storage solutions and easier on-board battery access. Now available on all Formosa boats and from all Formosa dealers across Australia.

Choose from 4 designs…


This option has the unique folding transom door and folding platform for the ultimate water and motor access, fishing platform and lounge deck.


This option has a folding transom door on either side giving double the access, double the safety and double the water activites such as diving.


Have it all with a single folding transom, storage area and room for options such as the folding rear lounge and bait board with bait tank.


Select the Closed Access for greater storage solutions. This a popular choice for those who venture offshore and prefer no transom door.


Flush Folding Systems

The Active Transom has been specifically designed to incorporate flush folding designs into the transom door and folding lounge. These can fold away, flush with the side of the boat when not in use. Formosa are creating platforms to fully utilise the transom area, a place where, on other boats, you lose a full meter of space to mounts for steps and small storage bays, enough for a battery or two. The Formosa flush folding seats can be converted to enclosed platforms if cushioning is not required, ask your nearest Formosa dealer for this special request.

Formosa Marine has also created optional extras which also use the Flush Folding System, to keep the deck clear of obstructions without having to dismantle your boat if you don’t need seat or two.

The latest design is the Full Access Rear Lounge which has a dual folding action creating a backrest when a seat is needed, yet still folds down to create the full access platform.

Folding Side Seats are standard on the X Bowrider (excluding 520) which give a safe, low seating position for the family and place for entertaining.

The Folding Footrest on seat boxes is popular on the half cabins where creating height to get a better forward view could be an advantage. Check out the photos below. They are just some of examples of how the flush folding systems have been used.



Light up your life |As with everything on this page, the Integrated Headlights were designed and built by Formosa. The adjustable lights direct a powerful light forward and can be adjusted to suit your needs. The beautifully designed aluminium surrounds are powder coated to the colour of your choice. These unique headlights are ideal for running in creeks and rivers, approaching the boat ramp and driving onto the trailer at night. These are not an after market item.

Wake Tower/
Rocker Launcher

Designed and built by Formosa Marine for the X Bowrider range and now available as an option on the Half Cabins. The tower has a ski pole welded above for wake boarding and skiing. The unique ‘knuckle’ design features exposed perforated Aluminium plate on the outside, inside has the perfect housing for speakers. Welded for strength and stability with a fold down design for storing the boat undercover. Also available with out the Aluminium visor for 520 models.

Formosa Offshore Windscreen

For added strength and value Formosa Marine designed and built inhouse this heavy duty windscreen with strong extrusions, hand rails and shaded Perspex. The X2 Bowrider had the first curved windscreen prototype installed early 2019 as shown. This new windscreen will appear on the new Half Cabin design releasing at the 2019 Brisbane Boat Show.


Offshore Kill Tank

The OFFSHORE Kill Tank has a Drainage System welded into the Aluminium Self-draining deck to allow for spillage to drain back into the tank. Great for storing your catch or anything you like really.

Scupper Design

For the Self-draining Decks, this scupper design allows water to flow from the deck, above the waterline, to the outside of the boat. It includes a bungy tension cord for a tighter seal in extra choppy waters and allows for a quick release inside the boat. A very handy design allowing water to flow off the deck in rough waters, or while giving the boat a washdown.

Removable Tank

Buyers can discover more activities all in one boat by selecting the new Formosa designed Removable Bait Board and Bait Tank option, by teaming it up with a removable Ski Pole. Swap the options using the same connection point in the transom battery compartment.


BowActive Ladder

EVER find it difficult exiting the boat without getting wet on the trailer at the boat ramp? The all new bow ladder, designed and built by Formosa Marine, allows you to enter or exit the boat from the bow. Perfect for those who dislike wading through the water from the transom or sliding over the side of the boat. Also, handy for exiting when nose-in to the beach. Checkout the video on how the ladder works…

Dual Side Console Design

This unique Dual Console is a one of a kind, loaded with innovative features for the fisho and family boater, such as the Full Access ‘Active Transom’ and the Quad4 Water Ballast for extra stability at rest.

The elevated casting decks with strong aluminium structure, front and rear provide better vision below the water and are ideal for going after trout, bass, flathead, kings and the like. Imagine you and your mate flicking lures and flies away to your heart’s content. The bow casting deck is purposely made big enough to roll out a seven-foot Swag for sleeping aboard overnight.

Specifically this boat targets freshwater, estuaries and coastal inshore sport fishing, yet designed for Aussie conditions with higher sides and a more powerful, deep Vee hull to handle rough water offshore. You’ll appreciate having the dual consoles when it’s a breezy cold day, particularly the windscreens blocking out the wind and spray while underway.

This model certainly opens up lots of fishing opportunities from inland fisho to coastal bass tournaments. Order by special request through your nearest Formosa Dealer.



Formosa can anodize their aluminium features to a colour of your choice. For example, Formosa is incorporating this into the ‘knuckle’ design of the Wake Tower/Rocket Launcher and the Headlight surrounds. The Formosa Offshore Windscreen can also be colour matched. Ask your nearest Dealer for this special request.