Sports Cab

The Formosa Sports Cab gives the ultimate protection from the weather for you and the family with plenty of storage under the bunks.

The large cabin is ideal for overnight stays providing a long bunk area for a comfortable sleep and greater storage for adding amenities such as a portable toilet. In a half cabin, the driver and passenger sit behind a windscreen while underway and you gain access to the anchor well through a large hatch accessible inside the cabin. With the Formosa Sports Cab you can upgrade by choosing from three (3) Hardtop optional extras; the Folding Rocket Launcher with Aluminium Hardtop Visor with awning rails, a Lockable Roller Door for cabin security when leaving the boat, or the Fixed Open Cabin Hardtop. The Formosa Aluminium Sports Cab has cushioned cabin bunks and centre board, carpeted walls for comfort, two side windows, an extra-large hatch and windscreen. Enjoy the comfort of two (2) embroidered, High Back, Contoured Bolster Seats mounted either on Aluminium Storage Seat Boxes for OFFSHORE models, OR, on the CLASSIC models, you get two Air Ride Adjustable Pedestals giving you more comfort underway. Standard features on a Half Cabin include Folding Rear Lounge, a flush folding transom door, a large aluminium Bowroller, 32mm handrails, Tow-Catch™ Trailer capability, heavy-duty dive ladder, quality steering, moulded fuel tank and sender with filter, automatic bilge pump, transom deck tread, foam-filled hull, electrical harness kit, 2 cleats, 2 rod holders (620 over–4), forward bollard, white paint and Formosa graphics, plus more. Formosa boats are known for their stability, yet the Quad4™ Water Ballast option is available if you need more stability at rest.

Offshore Features
Upgrade to an OFFSHORE Sports Cab for a High Tensile 5083 Plate Hull (including sides), true Self-draining Aluminium Deck with scuppers, the new Offshore Kill Tank with drainage system, two (2) aluminium seat boxes, SeaStar Hydraulic Steering & hoses and two (2) Aluminium Rod Holders (620 and over–4). An underfloor 80L auxiliary tank for fuel or water is available for boats 620 and over. The Formosa OFFSHORE Sports Cab is available in sizes 620, 660 and 700.

Classic Features
The CLASSIC Half Cabin is available in three (3) sizes and built with a Marine Grade 5052 Plate Hull with 4mm side and bottom sheets, two (2) plastic angled rod holders, two Air Ride Adjustable Pedestals and quality Hardwood Flooring carpeted for a cool comfort underfoot. We’ve installed on the 620 CLASSIC model is the best steering worldwide, SeaStar Hydraulic steering.

Active Transom

The innovative step-down ‘Active Transom’ has smart storage solutions, easy on-board battery access and continues to be the best in transom design and water access on the market. With the Active Transom, you can choose from four options, Full Access, Dual, Single and Closed Access. Single Access is standard in the Half Cabin.

Formosa SRT Plate Hull -2019

The New Formosa SRT Plate Hull combines the very best boat designs from the SEA-ROD and Tomahawk brands, packaging them into one skilfully engineered plate boat and rebranded as Formosa SRT. The new plate hull features the ultimate level of performance, handling and stability with the inclusion of custom-built cambered strakes for creating hydrodynamic lift and superior traction, a stronger Lock-cell Hull Structure, increased deadrise, large reverse chine and a Quad4™ Water Ballast option across the range.

Models: 620, 660 and 700
Key Features:

Large Aluminium Cabin with Large Hatch and Windscreen
Long Cushioned Cabin Bunks and Centre Board
Embroidered, High Back, Contoured Bolster Seats
Flush Folding Rear Lounge
Flush Folding Transom Door
Tow-Catch™ Trailer capability
Aluminium Seat Boxes (Offshore models)
Air Ride Adjustable Pedestals (Classic models)
Quad4™ Water Ballast option

Offshore Sports Cab Sizes
620 660 700
Length Overall (m, Bowroller incl) 6.4 6.8 7.2
Beam 2.5m 2.5m 2.5m
Bottom Sheets 5mm 5mm 5mm
Side Sheets 4mm 4mm 4mm
Internal Freeboard (Floor to Gunnel approx. mm) 665mm 717mm 770mm
Fuel Capacity 220L 220L 220L
Transom Shaft Length ExL/S ExL/S ExL/S
Dry Hull Weight (kg Boat only approx) 1040 1100 1300
Max Horsepower* 200 225 250
Min Horsepower* (may vary depending on motor brand) 150 175 200
Deadrise (Degrees) 19 19 19
Max Passengers* 7 7 7
Classic Sports Cab Sizes
Length Overall (m, Bowroller incl) 6.4
Beam 2.5m
Bottom Sheets 5mm
Side Sheets 4mm
Internal Freeboard (Floor to Gunnel approx. mm) 720mm
Fuel Capacity 220L
Transom Shaft Length ExL/S
Dry Hull Weight (kg Boat only approx) 1040
Max Horsepower* 200
Min Horsepower* (may vary depending on motor brand) 150
Deadrise (Degrees) 19
Max Passengers* 7

L/S = Long Shaft, Ex L/S — Extra Long Shaft Transom. Weight=Dry Boat only.
*Please refer to ABP plate attached before operating. The above information is a guide only. Pictures may include Optional Extras. Please verify details with your dealer before purchase.

Popular Optional Extras

2 Tone Paint

Backrest / Leg rest

Folding Footrest for Seat Box

Folding Rocket Launcher with Aluminium Roof (Half Cabin)

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