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Tomahawk Half Cabin Hardtops

#DiscoverMore with FORMOSA MARINE’s hardtop options designed for the Half Cabins and Centre Cabins providing various protection to suit your boating needs. Choose from four options on the Half Cabins to hide from the weather, house electronics safely and provide strong mounting points for rods and other fishing accessories such as outrigger; design the ultimate adventure machine to suit you…

NEW Fully Enclosed Cabin Hard Top

FORMOSA MARINE is proud to introduce the new Fully Enclosed Cabin Hard Top option available on the NEW 740 Size in the Half Cabin and Centre Cabin models. Put your mind at ease knowing your gear can be locked up in the extra large cabin space. This Fully Enclosed Cabin is also designed with a longer Cabin space than the standard Half Cabin for comfortable, full length sleeping bunks. This Fully Enclosed Cabin option has toughened glass windscreens, two side sliding windows and rear cabin windows. The two rear doors are fitted with heavy duty stainless steel fittings; doorway size is approx. 1900mm High and 660mm Wide. Two premium padded seats with armrests are mounted on storage seat boxes inside. Two storage boxes outside add more storage and additional seating options; all boxes are enclosed with hatch doors. This hardtop has 7 rod holders, great storage above for solar panels and room for mounting spot lights.


Folding Rocket Launcher with Aluminium Visor.

This Rocket Launcher with Hard Top Visor houses 6 rod holders and folds backwards for easy undercover storage for your boat; the overall of height on trailer does depend on the trailer setup. This option is available on all Half Cabin sizes 520 to 740.


Open Cabin Hard Top

The Open Cabin Hard Top is a strong fixed structure with radio box underneath, 7 rod holders and added storage above with handrails; great for solar panels and camping gear such as the tent, plus room for mounting spot lights. This option is available on Half Cabin sizes 580 to 740.


Enclosed Cabin Hard Top

The Enclosed Cabin Hard Top has toughened glass windscreens and two side sliding windows with the ability to enclose the rear of the cabin with removable clears. The fixed hardtop houses 7 rod holders with handrails, huge room for storage and space for mounting spot lights and other fishing accessories. The Enclosed Cabin is available on Half Cabin sizes 580 to 740.

The hardtops above are available in the OFFSHORE Half Cabins sizes 580 and over. The OFFSHORE range have High Tensile 5083 Aluminium Plate Hull, the Formosa Marine Self-Draining Deck and the V2 Hull. Below are links to more information on the OFFSHORE Features.

The hardtops are also available in the CLASSIC 580 Half Cabins with marine grade, carpeted plywood floors are also available with the above hardtops if you don’t require a plate floor.

Download the specification sheet on the Tomahawk Half Cabin for more detailed information on inclusions. Checkout the Options available for the Tomahawk Half Cabin. Contact your local dealer for pricing.

Half Cabin

boat specs
Models: 580, 620, 660, 700, 740
Key Features:

Built for Strength and Durability

Plate Boat Construction

Extra Large Cabin Space

Transom Door

Hydraulic Steering System


Length (Bowsprit incl.)5.4m5.7m6m6.4m6.8m7.2m7.6m
Bottom Sheets4mm4mm4mm5mm5mm5mm5mm
Side Sheets4mm4mm4mm4mm4mm4mm4mm
Transom Shaft LengthExL/SExL/SExL/SExL/SExL/SExL/SExL/S
Weight (approx.)*780kg6820kg900kg1000kg1100kg1300kg1450kg
Max. Horsepower*140150175200225250300
Max. Passengers*5677777
Steering SystemSeaStar HydSeaStar HydSeaStar HydSeaStar HydSeaStar HydSeaStar HydSeaStar Hyd
Fuel Tank & Sender115L150L200L220L220L220L300L
Seat & Pedestal2 w/Arm Rests Box2 w/Arm Rests Box2 w/Arm Rests Box2 w/Arm Rests Box2 w/Arm Rests Box2 w/Arm Rests Box2 w/Arm Rests Box
SeaStar Hyd — Hydraulic Steering. Ex L/S — Extra Long Shaft Transom. Weight=Dry Boat only.
*Please refer to ABP plate attached before operating. The above information is a guide only.
Pictures may include Optional Extras. Please verify details with your dealer before purchase.

Optional Extras

  • Fully Enclosed Cabin Hard Top for 740 Half Cabin

  • Folding Rocket Launcher with Visor for Half Cabins

  • Open Cabin Hard Top for Half Cabins

  • Enclosed Cabin Hard Top for Half Cabin

Download Half Cabin Optional Extras List
View All Optional Extras